The mornings can be a hectic time with most people not even attempting to cram in a bite to eat or something to start their day off right.  The hustle and bustle just consumes all of us and we tend to make the first meal consist of something unhealthy and a quick cup of joe, if anything at all.  Most employees put off  that healthy meal because of time.  You would like to treat them with a breakfast that can get their day started off strong, but are looking for an occasion to do that.  Have you been thinking of a way to recognize your staff for the work that they have put in lately? What better way to reward your employees than with a nutritious and healthy breakfast provided by Fireside Café that is sure to energize the office first thing in the morning!  Many local companies love the Yogurt and Fruit Bar that we prepare for them which allows each employee to get a healthy start to their day, and increases productivity throughout the remainder of the day.  Fireside Café offers the finest morning catering in Loveland, CO as it has been recognized by the Reporter Herald for “Best Catering in Loveland 2013”.

Our Yogurt and Fruit bar features a fresh assortment of premium yogurts offered with an endless selection of toppings that will that will let everyone personalize their own parfait. From fresh strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, and mountain sweet blackberries to almonds, walnuts, pecans, vanilla-almond granola, pumpkin-flaxseed granola, there is something delicious for everyone.  We also provide fresh baked bagels that include cream cheese, honey, jams, and jellies along with the freshest selection of juices and our amazing Fireside Café coffee service.

Call Fireside Café at 970-292-6763 today for a free catering quote on your next office breakfast that is sure to be a hit with your employees.