Top notch home cooked meals are what you love. There is no time, sometimes, to fix the meals at home and going out is the easiest and next best thing to do. Extravagance isn’t the goal, simply a delicious meal out. Fast food chains are full of empty food. It is possible to go out to eat and enjoy food that has ingredients you can spell and pronounce. Wherever you look for a meal, restaurants are not all created equally. There are some that are delicious and others that are subpar.

Loveland has Fireside Café. We strive to keep an at-home atmosphere and we can boast we are a restaurant whose head chef has served some of the biggest American celebrities. Loveland residents have named us the best spot for lunch. And the residents have even spoken and said that we have great customer service. We want to give you a full experience, not just slap down some food in front of you and leave your belly wanting. Come and enjoy a meal with us. At Fireside Café, you’re family.

We love to serve our customers, offering a cozy at-home feeling. Come in and dine with us at our restaurant or order catering for your next big work function in Loveland. We’re here to bring you tasty home cooked food with a great overall experience. We have a catering hall to host your event so you don’t have to worry about a thing, we’ll have you covered. You won’t be disappointed.