1. Lighten Up This Holiday Season

    Holiday season is among us which means tons of heavy foods and sweets. We love to eat seconds and thirds of mashed potatoes, cheesecake, and cocktails, but our body isn't always our biggest fan when we are packing on the pounds. Don’t be a victim of “the holiday 15.” Keep your office or house party delicious and healthy so that you and your guests can indulge guilt free! Let Fireside Cafe of…Read More

  2. How To Plan Catering For Your Event

    There are things to consider to make an event successful. Knowing a little bit about your guests is a start.  Are they older or younger or maybe a mix? Is the event at lunch time or before or after lunch or will supper need to be served?  Here is a good guide for planning: Box lunches need 30 minutes or taken on the go. Sit down meals need at least 1.5 hours. Buffets can be done in about 1 hour.…Read More

  3. Reward Your Employees With A Catered Lunch

    If you’ve been debating on whether or not to spoil your employees with a catering company in Loveland, we suggest you do so! Spoiling your employees comes with many great benefits, some of which can benefit your business. So, if you’re looking to make your employees happy and love their job more and more as the days pass, our catering company is for you. Spoiling your employees can come with s…Read More

  4. Let Your Next Meal Out Feel Like You Are Right at Home

    Top notch home cooked meals are what you love. There is no time, sometimes, to fix the meals at home and going out is the easiest and next best thing to do. Extravagance isn’t the goal, simply a delicious meal out. Fast food chains are full of empty food. It is possible to go out to eat and enjoy food that has ingredients you can spell and pronounce. Wherever you look for a meal, restaurants are…Read More

  5. Hand Off One Aspect of Your Event Planning to the Professionals

    Event planning is enjoyable when you have a good team to help with the details. You don’t have to be an expert in all areas of the event; you just have to find skilled people to help. One area of your event that you can hire for, is the catering. Catering companies can assist you with both meals and appetizers. This will immediately take a weight off your shoulders and put it back in the hands o…Read More

  6. A Healthy Breakfast Catering Alternative For Your Employees In Loveland, CO

    The mornings can be a hectic time with most people not even attempting to cram in a bite to eat or something to start their day off right.  The hustle and bustle just consumes all of us and we tend to make the first meal consist of something unhealthy and a quick cup of joe, if anything at all.  Most employees put off  that healthy meal because of time.  You would like to treat them with a b…Read More

  7. Catering Loveland, CO With A Personal Touch: Fireside Café Has Something For Everyone

    When you are the one in charge of picking out what everyone is eating for lunch, you always seem to find the same old options that just don’t have a selection that can make everyone happy. So you now have to go to more than one restaurant and drive all over town just to appease everyone in your office.  So some people sacrifice eating something fresh and delicious for lunch just for the sake of…Read More